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About us



Design of engineering system and networks

Singularity group employs about 100 specialists of the highest level, different fields of design that allows implementing all statutory sections of project documentation:
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Water supply and sewage
  • External networks
  • Complex automation
  • Low-current systems
  • Electric power supply
  • Fire safety measures
  • Measures to provide access for disabled people
  • Measures to provide compliance with the requirements of energy efficiency, equipping buildings, structures and facilities with devices for metering of energy resources used
  • Environmental protection
  • Engineering protection of territories
  • Constructive solutions
We design by means of the automated information system developed and supported by programmers of our company. The system allows compiling coordinated project documentation based on unified data and automation of engineering and technical calculations.
Due to the high automation level and competent management, our company develops documentation in the shortest terms.
We provide support of documentation in FSI Glavgosexpertiza / Chief State Expertise of Russia.
Singularity Group of Companies is one of the largest engineering companies working in the Russian market since 2001. During this period we have designed 15 million m2 engineering systems in buildings and structures for various purposes, from standard residential buildings to unique sports facilities located in different geographical and climatic conditions (including 1 million m2 in conditions of 9 points in terms of seismicity).
Singularity is uniqueness, versatility, confidence, dedication, success
UNIQUENESS: uniqueness of developments and a high level of technical solutions allow us implementing projects for different purposes.
VERSATILITY: Our comprehensive knowledge and skills allows implementing complex design of engineering systems and supervision.
CONFIDENCE: the belief that automation of engineering and technical calculations and competent management help solving high-tech problems of the development of project documentation in the shortest terms.
DEDICATION: our experts are creative people who can address any challenges, and there has been no case, where we upset our customers.
SUCCESS: we have everything for success – talent and responsibility, professionalism and organized team, technical equipment and the desire to search for and find new solutions!


The company has the necessary technical and administrative resources to perform the design of any complexity.
Taking into account the huge background of experience and available resources, Singularity Group of Companies can offer you unique conditions for performance time and consequently the cost.
As an example: in 2015, our company has developed projects of indoor engineering systems in the multifunctional business center. The term of project documentation development (Stage “P”) was 14 working days. Working documentation was developed in 30 days.
We provide a full range of services including support in the State Expertise (total area of 800 000 m2 in 2015), 14 positive opinions of the Moscow State Expertise and the Chief State Expertise.
We adapt foreign documents according to the regulatory requirements of the Russian Federation, and arrange all coordination required in Russia for the implementation of your projects.

You will be pleasantly surprised by our prices, terms and quality of work